​​Thank you for your patience while we worked to provide the best Perfect Match experience for all players, and delayed the release of Chapter 7 due to technical issues. Perfect Match will resume with the release of Chapters 7 and 8 on Friday June 28 and continue to release on Wednesdays and Fridays moving forward. Chapters are available on the release dates at 11 AM EST (16:00 UTC).
Please update the Netflix Stories app to the latest version, App Version 1.4.3036.

There were two main issues related to Perfect Match we were actively investigating and worked to fix with this update.

Chapter Skipping

Some players have been experiencing an issue with the chapters skipping forward, causing issues with the story flow. Safeguards were added to help prevent this from happening.

If you still experience issues, please contact a support agent through the chat.

PLEASE NOTE: When the chapter is over, and the summary is loading or showing, do not close the game or switch apps during this process. Exit the story to the main library menu before closing the app to ensure the data has been saved properly.

Long Loading Time

Some players were experiencing longer loading times when entering the app, a specific story or chapter. There were adjustments made to speed up the loading times.  You will also now see a progress bar while the game is loading to help give a visual to the waiting you are experiencing.

PLEASE NOTE: While the story is loading you do not want to close the app or move it into the background as this could cause gameplay issues.