The issue of having a chapter skip may occur after a playing session where you closed the app or moved it to the background while on the End of Chapter scene from your last completed chapter. When a chapter is finished, use the Exit Story button to get back to the main library before exiting the app or switching to another app to avoid potential problems. 

If you have experienced a chapter skipping ahead to the End of Chapter scene before you have played the chapter, please take the following steps:

1. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest OS version
2. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
3. Confirm you have a good internet connection
4. Replay the chapter where you experienced the issue.
5. If it still skips ahead, then exit to the main menu and close the app
6. When you open the app again, try to replay the chapter previous to the one that was skipped.

If you are still experiencing issues after these steps, please contact a support agent through the chat.

Some players are experiencing longer loading times when entering the app or a specific story. While the story is loading do not close the app or move it into the background as this has been known to corrupt files and cause gameplay issues as well.